OG of the Microprocessor[1] – and much more with Ted Hoff

Intel alumni Marcian “Ted” Hoff sits down for an extended interview with The Silicon Valley Podcast’s Shawn Flynn.  Over the course of nearly an hour, Ted recounts some highlights from his work on the 4004, but spends most of his time discussing other aspects of his life at the leading edge of technology.  Topics include: the importance of education and how he made his way to Intel; insights on Intel’s founders; work on CODECs and telephony; lessons from his time at Atari; and, insights on patent IP gleaned from many years as the Chief Technologist at Teklicon.  And most importantly, what lessons his journey might hold for today’s entrepreneurs.

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[1]The internet reliably informs your editor that now days “OG” is broad slang for ‘original’ or ‘old school’

Shawn Flynn is the Host of The Silicon Valley Podcast where he has interviewed notable Intel alumni such as Avram Miller, Jeep Kline, John McNulty, and celebrities outside of Intel such as Melanie Perkin co-founder of Canva, Jim Mckealvy co-founder of Square. When he is not interviewing Silicon Valley Celebrities, he is an investment banker with a focus in mergers and acquisitions, growth capital, and secondaries. He holds FINRA Series SIE, 7, 24, 63, and 79 licenses.

Behind the scenes at the recording session

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