John McNulty: Being a CEO in Silicon Valley

We chat with John McNulty who has been a driving force in the technology industry for almost forty years. He has held leadership positions starting as General Manager at Intel in 1980 and including Senior VP & GM roles at two firms and President, CEO and Chairman of four other companies in the software, hardware, networking, and communications industries. Today, Mr. McNulty serves on the Board of Directors of four private technology companies and is also a member of the University of Notre Dame College of Engineering Advisory Council.

Audio Podcast Available Here

Shawn Flynn is the Host of The Silicon Valley Podcast where he has interviewed notable Intel alumni such as Avram Miller, Jeep Kline, John McNulty, and celebrities outside of Intel such as Melanie Perkin co-founder of Canva, Jim Mckealvy co-founder of Square. When he is not interviewing Silicon Valley Celebrities, he is an investment banker with a focus in mergers and acquisitions, growth capital, and secondaries. He holds FINRA Series SIE, 7, 24, 63, and 79 licenses.

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