Strategic Inflection Points | How Machine Learning Redefines Computing, Industries, and Your Life

We gathered an esteemed panel of experts, all of whom are Intel alumni or current Intel employees for this special evening.  The event was held at 6pm on May 31, 2018 at the offices of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP in Redwood City.

They explored a big-picture view of ML and its increasing impact on everyday life and on the enterprise. They discussed the impacts, disruptions and opportunities underway for the computing industry, cloud services companies, Intel and other major players in the chip industry.  Also included were some futuristic visions and predictions of long-term impact of AI and ML.

Organized by Intel Alumni Network – Silicon Valley Chapter

Ursula Herrick, Annie Lung, Bruce Schechter, Jacob Tanz, Monie TenBroeck and Mike Trainor

Machine Learning Video

Background on the Presenters:

The Panelists:

Rouz Jazayeri, Founder & GP, Catapult Ventures. Rouz started his career as a microprocessor design engineer at Intel and later worked as a research analyst and special projects advisor for Intel CEOs Craig Barrett and Paul Otellini.  Rouz later managed Intel’s partnership with Apple where he managed several technology collaborations, including the breakthrough 12-hour battery life on MacBook Air.  In 2013 Rouz joined the legendary Kleiner Perkins VC firm, where he established KPCB’s business development and strategic partnerships practice, and additionally participated in their hardware investments.  Rouz recently cofounded a new venture capital firm, Catapult Ventures, with Machine Learning being a key focus.

Bruce Horn, Intel fellow and CTO for the Intel Saffron Technology Group. Bruce is responsible for driving new applications and uses for Intel Saffron’s memory-based reasoning system, a fundamentally new approach in the development of intelligent devices and systems. Previously at Intel, Bruce built a team to develop advanced conversational interfaces; that team provided the spoken language technology and mobile application for the Oakley Radar Pace running and cycling coach. Prior to joining Intel, Bruce was a principal research software development engineer at Microsoft, where he worked on the creation and deployment of natural language systems for Bing; worked at Powerset, where he was responsible for the computational infrastructure of the Powerset Natural Language Search System; worked at Apple, where he created and developed the Macintosh Finder, the first widely used desktop graphical user interface, among other components of macOS; and served as a member of the learning research group at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, where he contributed to several implementations of the Smalltalk virtual machine. Bruce holds a BS in Mathematical Sciences from Stanford and an MS & PhD in Computer Science from CMU.

David Tennenhouse, Chief Research Officer, VMWare. David leads the research & innovation activities that are accelerating and extending VMware’s technology leadership. These include: formation of a new VMware research group focused on networks and distributed systems; a portfolio of advanced development and incubation activities that are hosted in the product teams; in-house hackathons; experimental prototypes that are released to customers; joint research projects with VMware’s technology partners, customers and relevant startups; and the VMware academic program of engagements with university researchers.  David joined VMware from Microsoft, where he was a Corporate Vice President and led their Technology Policy group. David was previously a Partner at New Venture Partners, where he focused on the creation of spin-outs from corporate R&D teams. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Platform Strategy at Amazon and CEO of its subsidiary. Before Amazon/A9, David was VP and Director of Research at Intel, where he pioneered an “open collaborative” approach to corporate research. Earlier, David served as DARPA’s Chief Scientist and Director of its Information Technology Office.  As a faculty member at MIT, he led research on high-speed networking, active networks, software radio and telecom policy.  David holds a B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. in EE from the Univ. of Toronto and a PhD from the Univ of Cambridge. He is a member of the ACM, a Fellow of the IEEE, and a member of the FCC’s Technology Advisory Board.

Debajyoti (Debu) Pal, Chief Scientist, Machine Learning, Cadence IP Group. Prior to Cadence, Debu served as the Vice President, Machine Learning at Wave Computing Inc. Debu is a broadband access  pioneer.  Before joining Wave Computing, He was  Vice President of Technology at Qualcomm. Debu has also served as Senior Vice President and CTO of Ikanos Communications unitil Ikanos was acquired by Qualcomm. Prior to Ikanos, he was CTO of Tallwood Venture Capital. Prior to Tallwood, Debu has served as Vice President of Engineering at Virata Corporation and GlobespanVirata. He cofounded Excess Bandwidth Corporation (with Prof. Thomas Kailath of Stanford University), which was acquired by Virata. Before founding Excess Bandwidth, Debu has served in key technical and technical management roles at Amati Communications (acquired by TI), AT&T Bell Laboratories and Intel.   Debu holds eight granted U.S. patents and has published more than 20 technical papers. He was a Consulting Professor of EE at Stanford from 1997-2009. He became a Fellow of the IEEE in 2002 for his Contributions to Digital Communications.  Debu received a Bachelors degree with Honors in Electronics and Electrical Communication Eng. from IIT Kharagpur, an MSEE from Washington State, and a PhD in EE from Stanford.

The Moderator: 

Bruce Schechter – Bruce is an active advisor or investor in a variety of tech startups, including Life360, BigML, Illumeo, and SHIFTMobility. Bruce began his career at Intel in 1980 and there he served a 17 year tenure in diverse roles including Fab Process Engineering, Microprocessor Product Management, the Corporate Strategy Group, and Director of Online Marketing in CMG. After Intel, Bruce was on the founding team of Pandesic, a pioneer eCommerce application service provider. He received a BS with Highest Honors in Physics & Math from Purdue, and far later an MS in Computer Science from Stanford, and is active in mentoring student entrepreneurs at both of these universities.


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