Shizu Munekata

Personal background:

Born in Sasebo and grew up in Wakayama and Yokohama. Studied at Sophia University, Georgetown (B.S. Linguistics) and Stanford graduate school, majoring in Japan-US relations. Worked as the Japan liaison at Intel in Silicon Valley, also assisting its cofounders related to Japan sales and marketing. Later recruited as speechwriter for Mr. Akio Morita of Sony.

Publications include articles in Defense (FSX: Techno-nationalism and Trade Friction), and her activities have been featured in the National Geographic, Yomiuri Shinbun, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, Il Sole 24 Ore, and Le Monde Informatique.

Participated as a speaker and panelist at business events, such as Stanford University, COMDEX, Telecom Valley Forum (France), Kaisha Society, et al. Topics include the art of forging strategic alliances between Japanese and American companies, tailoring product and market strategy for the Japanese market.


佐世保生まれ、和歌山、横浜で育つ。上智大学、ジョージタウン大学卒業。スタンフォード大学大学院修了(日米関係論)。インテル本社(Santa Clara,CA)にて対日事業業務、A.グローブら共同創立者の対日業務補佐などを経て、ソニー㈱にて盛田昭夫氏のスピーチライターとして勤務。

Defence誌(英)「FSX 国産主義と貿易摩擦」執筆ほか、ナショナルジオグラフィック、読売新聞、日刊工業新聞、Il Sole 24 Ore(伊), Le Monde Informatique(仏)などにも論説寄稿。

スタンフォード大学、COMDEX、Telecom Valley Forum(仏)、The Kaisha Society(CA)など各種ビジネスフォーラムにスピーカー、パネリストとして参加。日米間の戦略的事業提携構築、日本市場向け製品・マーケティング戦略策定業務も行う。