Crush Advertising Campaign

As part of the Intel Crush Campaign, Regis McKenna engaged Artist Patrick Nagel to create images to differentiate Intel Advertising from both the competition and previous Intel Advertising practices.

Patrick Nagel (1945 – 1984) was one of the most significant contemporary artists. His first appearance was in Playboy Magazine and he went on to produce over 60 graphic editions, each of which sold out within weeks of publication. The images Nagel chose to portray were primarily of women and represented the quintessential woman of the 1980s. The Intel ads had both male and female images.

What Nagel delivered was quite astounding, you either loved or hated the ads Regis created with these images. Andy Grove once told Regis he did not like the images and that many Intel engineers strongly shared his opinion. Regis noted that they were working, then since neither Andy nor any Intel engineers had ever previously expressed an opinion about Intel advertising before. They were getting noticed and therefor doing the job for which they were intended.

There was one issue Intel engineering objected to and that was the eyes of the men and women in the ads had no purples. You will notice that this was corrected in later ads.

Contributors: Regis McKenna with the assistance of L. John Doerr