Mike Trainor

Experienced leader of global technical and business teams in the information technology business-to-business space. Experience engaging and influencing the ecosystems of most of the ‘computer’ subsystems: CPUs & other silicon; power sources; displays; storage/memory; thermal/mechanicals; machine-level software (vs cloud computing).

Go-to-Market Expertise | Balancing Technology & Business Considerations | Customer / Vendor Relationships |Understanding Technology Ecosystems| Technology Evangelism | Product Definition & Vision | Market Research & Analysis | Manufacturing Experience

On the personal side: Lifelong interest in technology, especially automation & lighting. Lifelong “maker” who made things of wood, metal and electronics long before there was a movement by that name. But equally satisfied with a great meal and a ballet (or other artistic performance) – unless that gets in the way of playing ultimate frisbee.

Of the age and temperament where working hard, creating results, and having fun doing it are more important than writing grandiose adjectives on LinkedIn :)