James has worked in the Silicon Valley high technology industry since 1983. During his first eighteen years he worked at Intel Corporation where he gained broad experience in a variety of sales, marketing, and venture capital positions.

In August of 2001 James left Intel to form Matrix Solutions LLC, a consulting practice focused primarily on product strategy, channel “go to market” programs and organizational best practices. Since 2002, Matrix Solutions has successfully completed 48 projects for 26 unique clients with a 100% rehire rate.

James is adept at linking company and product strategy to marketing and sales programs while quantitatively tracking results. By utilizing this approach James is able to develop practical strategies and programs to drive profitable revenue growth.

In 2010 James joined InterAct Public Safety (renamed InterAct in 2012) to participate in a company rescue led John McNulty currently President/CEO of InterAct. Since joining the company revenue has grown 7X the public safety market CAGR, two target acquisitions have been completed and new funding raised from existing and new investors.