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Have you ever considered trading in your cubicle or clean room for a spot in front of the classroom? Many Intel Alumni aspire to teach and be involved with the educational community. But even though the job descriptions may look and sound similar to a corporate role, universities do not function like corporations. Decision making, pace, project management and collaboration are all different.

This webinar gives unfiltered perspective from three Intel Alumni who now walk the halls of higher education to teach the next generation. Hear from Melissa McVicker, JeanAnn Nichols, Vivek Agrawal about the view from their windows at Stanford and San Jose State.

Sample questions that are addressed during the webinar 

  • What’s the best path from the clean rooms of Intel to the classrooms of a university?
  • What are the good, the bad, and the ugly elements of being a professor?
  • What’s in it for the universities to hire Intel Alumni?
  • What can you contribute in this environment?

Administration Career Paths 
The panelists will cover other roles in the administration of a university where Intel Alumni could be a great fit. It is an excellent second career, especially for those who are mission-minded and can leave the pace of high-tech behind. The learning curve is long, but not as steep.

Cubicles to Classrooms Video

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About the Speakers

Melissa McVicker (AVP, Communications / Instructor @Stanford University)

Intel bio: Spent 15 years at Intel as a Senior Director in sales and marketing, driving multi-billion dollar revenue-generating projects in various roles. Led the global employee communications organization, corporate initiatives marketing, and global press, media, and analyst relations during my tenure. Managed all global product introductions for Intel and held roles leading sales and customer communications, and spent 3 years in Hong Kong in Asia Pacific regional marketing.

Vivek Agarwal (Executive Coach & Faculty in the Business School @San Jose State University)

Intel Bio: Spent over 27 years in a variety of roles including Technical Marketing Director, leading world-wide teams enabling Intel processor/platform launches.  Also designed and developed microprocessors and chipsets for mobile/laptop products group.

JeanAnn Nichols (Board Candidate | Executive Coach | Continuing Studies Instructor @Stanford Continuing Studies)

Intel Bio:  Spent 30 years of service at Intel Corporation, final roles as a Vice President, Sales and Marketing and General Manager of the Sales Enablement Group.  Intel career began as a shift supervisor and engineer. Over time, I also gained broad functional credentials from management roles in product design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, public relations/communications, and IT operations.


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