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In the age of technological marvels, our lives are both empowered and endangered. While smartphones, lightning-fast ubiquitous internet, and breakthrough medical treatments enrich our daily experiences, they also open doors for nefarious actors to exploit us.

With nearly 1 in 3 Americans falling prey to online financial fraud or cybercrime, the stakes couldn’t be higher. In 2021 alone, U.S. consumers lost a staggering $5.8 billion to fraud, affecting millions. From imposter scams to investment schemes, the threats loom large.

Romance scams, a particularly insidious form of deception, saw the FBI inundated with 19,000 complaints in 2022, resulting in losses exceeding $739 million. These scams prey on vulnerabilities, targeting divorced, widowed, elderly, or disabled individuals, although nobody is immune.

Enter Tyson Wrensch, an Intel Alumnus and co-author of the gripping true crime book, “Until Someone Gets Hurt.” Raised in Cupertino and now a resident of San Francisco following some time living in Las Vegas, Wrensch’s diverse background, including stints in sales and work with a private investigation firm, has equipped him with invaluable insights into combating high-tech crime.

Drawing from his experiences, Wrensch shares indispensable tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from modern-day threats. From Silicon Valley’s white-collar crime scene to the streets of downtown Las Vegas, Wrensch’s expertise is as riveting as it is vital. Join us for an eye-opening session on safeguarding your future in the digital age.

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