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Israel is known as the Startup Nation — the source of many of the modern innovations that are part of our daily life. Israel is #1 in the world in VC dollars invested per capita and unicorns per capita.  Intel plays a big role in this as 10% of all unicorns in Israel are led by Intel Alumni!

NextLeap’s Unique Approach
In collaboration with NextLeap Ventures, IAN invites you to a webinar about one of the hottest centers for innovation — the Israeli early-stage startup scene. NextLeap Ventures is the investment club for current and former Intel employees. The partners (some in Israel and some in California) are Intel alumni and the vetted investments are selected by the webinar attendees.

All-New Webinar
Over 150 Intel Alumni attended the last webinar, learning and voting on 5 innovative, deep technology startups.  There is no expectation that attendees invest and all Intel alumni as well as “future alumni” are encouraged to attend. 

Exclusive Opportunity for Intel Alumni   

Since 2018, NextLeap Ventures has raised >$13 Million and invested in 16 startups:  One of these, Nanofabrica, was acquired recently; most of the others have had up rounds with significantly higher valuations, and all are making good progress.
If you decide to get more involved by investing with NextLeap Ventures, special investment terms will be available exclusively to Intel Alumni.  

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