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NextLeap Ventures invites you to join us in our First US Webinar!

This webinar provides a unique opportunity for investors to tap into the success of Israeli innovation by investing in early stage high-tech startups in Israel. This is accomplished by harnessing the expertise & experience of former and current Intel employees – using “Wisdom of the Intelligent Crowd” with ~100 former/current Intel employees voting in a Startups Pitch Night.

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This is your opportunity to join us for the first time!

Presented by the Intel Alumni Network

Board of Directors
Dan Cohen, Dane Elliot, Sally Erickson, Howard Jacob, Jeep Kline, Dana Krelle, Mike Pope, Jacob Tanz and Alan Wong

Silicon Valley Chapter
Annie Lung, Jacob Tanz, Bruce Schechter, Mike Trainor, Monie TenBroeck and Ursula Herrick

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