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Beyond Automation: Building a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Focusing solely on operational efficiency is a narrow approach for businesses and leaders. With AI and Generative AI (GenAI), it is now possible to achieve unprecedented topline growth, efficiency, innovation, and scaling, leading to sustainable competitive advantages.

Join the Intel Alumni Network for an engaging discussion on how GenAI is redefining business opportunities and driving sustainable competitive advantage. This event, moderated by Dan Fineberg, partner & CTO of The Fusion Syndicate, will feature insightful contributions from leading Intel alums who are at the forefront of this new era. 


  • Matti Neustadt – AI adoption and media attention are accelerating an already complex legal environment of data protection, cybersecurity, privacy, and intellectual property. To leverage the full potential of AI, businesses must understand how start and build a scalable and effective legal compliance program.
  • Reddy Mallidi – Insights from the previous decade of automation and digital transformation are crucial in the AI era. Understanding these lessons helps businesses navigate the transition and maximize GenAI’s capabilities.
  • Priyanka Dobriyal – GenAI lowers barriers to entry, enabling individuals with smartphones and tools like ChatGPT to create value and start businesses. This democratization of technology fosters economic growth and community development worldwide.

Discover how these experts enhance productivity, foster innovation, and create new value across various industries. Gain valuable insights into the future of work, ethical considerations, and the strategic advantages of AI-driven solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from top professionals and explore how GenAI can help transform your business so you can build and maintain a competitive edge.


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