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3rd Annual BUM for Alums

Jerry Bautista, VP & GM of Intel Roadmap Operations

Intel’s employee BUM material edited for IAN members. Q&A session included

Our most popular events have been “BUMs for Alums” and programs featuring Andy Grove.  Now we combine the best of each with a BUM for Alums that will answer the question, “What does Pat Gelsinger mean by a return to Grovian values”?

Intel has a new CEO who will try to combine the best elements of Intel’s past with a new mission to regain relevance in the world of the future.  Pat has already talked about achieving leadership in process technology and silicon development.  Intel also plans to use 3rd party fabs while at the same time investing $20 billion in its own fabs and becoming a fab provider itself.  What else lies ahead?

Our latest BUM for Alums will share findings from Intel’s 2021 SLRP process.   Come, hear the latest about Intel’s latest strategies and plans from Jerry Bautista, VP and GM of Intel Roadmap Operations.

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