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John Crawford

Chip Krauskopf

Claude Leglise

Shantanu Gupta – Moderator

Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 5:00-6:30 PM PST

Intel is widely recognized for inventing the modern microprocessor and bringing it into mainstream consciousness. And while stories of the 4004 processor, first commercialized in 1971, are famously known, what is less understood is the pivotal role played by the Intel 80386 in catalyzing the PC industry and unlocking Intel’s fortunes.

Who were the brains behind the 386? What led to the technical & business decisions to invest in the 386? What challenges did they face? What lessons were learnt? To hear the answers to these and other questions, please join us at the next Intel Alumni Event, where 386 engineers John Crawford, Claude Leglise and Chip Krauskopf share their memories, experiences, and anecdotes from a unique and consequential time in Intel’s history.

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Panelist Biographies

John Crawford 

After a 4-year stint as a software developer of 8086 programming tools, John Crawford was the first employee assigned to the 386 project.  He was the Architect responsible for defining the instruction set, and led the teams developing the microcode and test programs. He later held lead roles on the 486 and Pentium processors. He is a retired Intel Fellow and National Academy of Engineering member. He holds 52 patents, and received the ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award.

Chip Krauskopf

Chip Krauskopf joined Intel and the 386 project as an NCG in 1983 after receiving a BS in Computer Engineering and an MSEE.  He was responsible for logic design of the Segmentation Unit of the 386 which eliminated the much reviled “64K limit” to the relief of software programmers; and implemented automated random logic receiving an Intel Individual Achievement Award in the process.  Chip went on to manage 486 design automation and after 20 years at Intel joined a series of startups.  Chip holds 6 US Patents, 5 from his work on the 386, and 4 Intel Achievement Awards.

Claude Leglise

Claude Leglise joined Intel from graduate school as the Product Marketing Engineer for the 8086/8088 processors in the summer of 1982.  He became marketing manager for the 286 and 386 families in 1983, leading the design win campaign and planning and executing the launch of the 386. Later as marketing director for all microprocessors he led the public introductions of the 386SX, 376, 486 and i860. Claude spent 23 years at Intel before joining the dark side and becoming a venture capitalist. He holds one US patent.

Shantanu Gupta

During his 28 year Intel tenure, Shantanu held a variety of roles across server CPU design development, marketing and business development for existing and new markets. He joined Intel after graduate school first working on the Intel 960 processor and soon after joined the Pentium Pro (P6) design team, Intel’s first server processor prior to Xeon. He holds nine patents in the area of processor architecture and design from his work on the Pentium Pro (P6). Currently he is CEO of Cascade Systems Technology, an EMS company in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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