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Panelists Include

Dr. Thomas Insel

Dr. Joseph Kvedar

Dr. Jordan Shlain

Dave Ryan

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Three industry leaders come together to discuss the profound healthcare transformations they are living through and pushing for every day.  They describe how healthcare is rapidly evolving, forever changing how medicine and medical care is offered and experienced.  What we came to consider as “normal” or “typical” medical experiences is becoming effectively obsolete.  

Our children and grandchildren will be the real winners of this revolution.  Many have never used a phone booth or owned a rotary telephone, yet they meet and make deep connections through software on a glass screen.  And now, they are set to inherit a healthcare experience for which we could have only wished.  

After multiple technology-fueled decades of struggling to remake a 200 year old healthcare model, the tragic global COVID 19 pandemic forced an industry-wide ablation of resistance allowing every plausibly relevant innovation get a shot at proving its worth on a massive scale.

The simultaneous transformations to be explored in the discussion include:

  • Remote care:  Remote/virtual care is no longer experimental care, it IS healthcare
  • Personalization:  Medicine/treatment individual precision, not blind use of ‘average’ care
  • Mental health:  The brain is an organ.  Mental Health reaches parity with physical health

The experts will share some of their experience and expectations and then take audience questions.

References from the Webinar

Donald Berwick – Healthcare thought leader

Donella Meadows – Complex Systems expert and author of Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

Cancer Test: Galleri Test from the company: Grail

Dr. Insel’s Resources


Dr. Joseph Kvedar –        https://joekvedar.com/

  • Mass General Brigham (Partners HealthCare), Harvard Medical School Professor of Dermatology, Editor-in-Chief npj Digital Medicine,  Co-chair of AMA Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group.
    Immediate Past Chair American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 

                                              Author: Internet of Healthy Things, and The New Mobile Age

Dr. Thomas Insel –           https://www.thomasinselmd.com/about

  • Psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Co-founder and Executive Chair at Vanna Health.
    Former Director National Institute for Mental Health (NIH – NIMH), Verily Mental Health, Mindstrong and special advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom

                                              Author: Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health

Dr. Jordan Shlain –          https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjordanshlain

  • Founder and Chairman at Private Medical, Internist, Science geek with relentless focus on personalizing medical care to individuals and families.
    Founder Healthloop.  Co-founder and chair of EatReal. Guest lecturer at Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley and Stanford.

                                              Host: Inside Medicine Podcast


Moderator: Dave Ryan   www.linkedin.com/in/davidpryan

  • Founder/CEO at SpectoVita strategy consulting.  Sr. Advisor at ATA, Co-Chair Home Testing SIG, member CEO Advisory Group on Eliminating Inequities & Disparities. 
    Previously Intel GM of its global Health & Life Sciences business.

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