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James Cape

Joanne Chan

Ken Rutsky

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – 12:00-1:00 PM PDT

Offering consulting services is a frequent topic of conversation between Intel Alumni Network members.  The idea of starting your own consulting business – whether to give back some of what was learned at Intel, to make a living leveraging one’s hard-won experience, or just staying active in the tech industry – is something that many of us have considered.

Flexible hours, being your own boss, and living life on your own terms, are some of the obvious potential benefits, in addition to the freedom to set your fees in a way that values your expertise consistent with the market. What could possibly go wrong?  Well, sadly plenty! On the bright side, there’s plenty that can go right if you have clear goals around your intentions for venturing out on your own.

Join the Intel Alumni Network for a fire-side chat hosted by experienced Intel alums who have each started and successfully run consulting businesses.  They will share practical guidance on how to determine if consulting is a good fit for you based on your personal objectives and goals; understanding your value proposition, and what gaps you may need to fill to be successful; structuring your business for success; developing clients; and most importantly, getting compensated commensurate to the value you bring.

After many years at Intel, James Cape left to form Matrix Solutions LLC, a consulting practice focused primarily on product strategy, channel “go to market” programs and organizational best practices. During its history, Matrix Solutions successfully completed more than 48 projects for over 26 unique clients with a 100% rehire rate.    jamescape122@gmail.com

At Intel, Joanne Chan was one of the founding program strategists of the Intel Inside Program.  After the birth of her triplet boys, she went on to do high tech marketing at other companies, adding sizzle and sparkle to create those “aha” moments when it came to technology.  In 2020, she resurrected her marketing consulting business, doing strategy, building web sites and managing social media content for clients.  She also started a photography business doing portraits, weddings, engagement sessions and other events.  Her latest endeavor is that of financial consulting and retirement planning, and insurance, working with clients to save more of their hard-earned money from taxes.      joanne.chan@the828group.com

Ken Rutsky is a consultant, the author of Launching to Leading, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor who helps B2B growth companies position their offerings to breakthrough and grow market leadership in new and existing markets.

Before he launched his consulting practice, KJR Associates (see kenrutsky.com) in 2009, Ken spent 20+ years in B2B marketing leadership roles; launching the Intel Inside broadcast co-op program as well as the Internet’s first affiliate marketing program, Netscape Now.

Also referenced during the webinar:

  • Alan Weiss’s ‘Million Dollar Consulting’ books
  • https://thoughtleaders.com.au/business-school

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