Doing Business in China

The Intel Alumni Network tackled the topic of doing business in China by featuring three experts — former Intel Executives who have continued working in/with PRC after their days at Intel.  Claude Leglise, Jim Chapman and Everett Roach,  with James Cape facilitating, discussed China with a very lively discussion.

Some of the topics included:

  • Shifts in centers of control since Xi Jinping became the president of PRC
  • Understanding cultural differences – subtle and not so subtle – in the business community
  • Perception vs. reality about managing intellectual property rights and Chinese-led innovation
  • Top challenges for software and hardware companies doing business in China
  • Planning for the future – thoughts on next 5 years
  • And more!

The event was held at the TechCode in Mountain View on Wednesday, March 27 with Chinese-themed refreshments. The panel discussion began at 6:30pm.

Watch it now below.


Intel Alumni Network – Silicon Valley Chapter 
Annie Lung, Jacob Tanz, Mike Trainor, Monie TenBroeck and Ursula Herrick

Doing Business in China Video

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The Panelists:

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman joined intel in 1981 before the first IBM PC was introduced . After a 11 year career, including a 3 year stint living in Hong Kong, and a CPU Marketing Director job, he left Intel in 1991. He went on to become EVP of Sales and Marketing to 2 CPU start ups, Cyrix and Transmeta that both went public. Chapman was an officer at both companies. The job’s required extensive travel to Asia, specifically Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

In 2002 Chapman became CEO of NuCORE a camera ISP SoC company building camera IC’s. The main revenue was from Japanese OEMs like Panasonic. Chapman sold the venture backed firm to MediaTek in 2007. He continued to work at MediaTek until 2012. He witnessed from inside their amazing product ramp of feature phones in China. He helped recruit their H/W and S/W chief architectures in Silicon Valley for MediaTek’s first major volume Android based Smartphone SoC, the 6589.

In 2012 Chapman joined Tessera’s Digital Optics subsidiary to help market their MEMS actuator based camera module. Chapman visited China 12 times in 2013 to meet with Smartphone OEMs OPPO, Huawei and Xiaomi.

Since 2014, Chapman has spent half his time in China as a consultant for many different clients, either for customer product tours or for VC funding and M&A work.

Claude Leglise

Claude learned about doing business in China while working at Intel: sending applications engineers circa 1987 to show Taiwanese PC clone companies how to optimize motherboard layouts, then working with Chinese game developers in the mid-90s to support the launch of the Pentium MMX processor, then investing in two dozen start-ups on the mainland while at Intel Capital.

After leaving Intel in 2005, Claude worked for a Chinese-American venture capital firm that made another two dozen investments on the mainland. He spent an academic year studying Chinese at Peking University while sitting on the board of an NYSE-traded Beijing-based software services company. In the past three years, through his work at SRI International, he has been coaching and mentoring Chinese engineers and scientists who want to start companies based on their own inventions. He is the Chairman and co-founder of the Qingdao Innovation Institute, in Qingdao, China.

Everett Roach

Everett has over 35 years of sales, marketing, and product development experience with a number of leading semiconductor companies. Prior to joining Summit Micro in April 2007, Everett Senior VP of Sales for Nucore, a maker of High Performance Image Processors. Previously, he was CEO of cd3o, a provider of wireless digital audio. Everett also held the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SiliconWave. He has also served in a variety of management-level sales and marketing positions at Tripath Technologies, National Semiconductor, Cyrix Corporation, Weitek and Intel Corporation. Everett has extensive sales experience domestically as well as having held international posts in Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. Everett has a degree in Economics from the University of California at Davis.


James Cape

James was born and raised in Mt. View CA, so you could say technology is in his “blood”. He has spent over 35 years working in high technology with the first 18 years spent at Intel in a variety of sales, marketing, business development and venture capital positions. After leaving Intel in 2001 he formed a consulting firm which he ran for 9 years before selling the company and joining the senior team of a venture backed start-up which was successfully sold in the beginning of 2015. Currently James is consulting for several companies focused on IoT, cloud truck diagnostics and smart personal safety.


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