Dan Fineberg

Dan Fineberg is a pioneer and thought leader in AI-assisted marketing and conversational prompt engineering. As co-founder of The Fusion Syndicate, he and his colleagues empower organizations to responsibly leverage generative AI as a force multiplier.

With over 40 years of experience driving communications and marketing for leading technology companies, Dan now focuses on an AI-driven future. At The Fusion Syndicate, he collaborates with businesses to develop tailored AI prompts and AI-assisted marketing programs. With expert-driven, modular prompts and customer training, The Fusion Syndicate combines uniquely human insight, creativity, and accountability with the power of AI tools. The result is a force multiplier for customer success.

Dan presents on topics including Leveraging AI Chatbots as a Force Multiplier; Conversational Prompts to Realize AI’s Full Potential; Prompt Engineering Best Practices; Responsible AI Adoption, and more.

Previously, he led strategic communications and marketing initiatives helping to establish LAN products and later “standard high-volume servers” at Intel, and highly successful direct marketing campaigns at FEI Company. Dan also drove re-branding content strategies and deliverables for Lumen Technologies and led corporate marketing for companies including Tranxition Software, Graphic Software Systems, and Micro Focus, Inc.

Dan earned his Bachelor’s and MBA from Willamette University in Salem, OR.