It started small, but given that the idea for an Intel Alumni Network was driven by alumni of Intel, a company known for going big in a very short period of time, the network ramped quickly and has been going strong since 2007.

The first activity was a gathering at a San Jose wine bar where 43 alumni came together to network, followed by a flurry of emails from an array other interested alumni. Soon a website was launched and the Silicon Valley Chapter kicked off our first major networking event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

More events followed and local chapters in Chandler, Folsom, Portland and Malaysia started to meet under the Intel Alumni Network banner. Now we have legal, non-profit status; a solid board of directors; funding from outreach to ex-Intel executives that will secure a strong future; events that often draw 150 or more; a new website that communicates the latest news, events, job opportunities, and more to come.